The Real Estate Managers who focus on people.

At VJ Ray, we know property. And we also know people. That's why our focus is on serving you.

Strata Management

We believe in better Strata Management for Sydney.

It's said that by 2020, over 50% of Sydney's population will be living or working in a Strata property. That's why we believe Sydney needs a Strata Manager that focuses on the people as well as the property.

Our duty is your satisfaction.

“At the heart of great business is great customer service. That’s what we pride ourselves on at VJ Ray” — Mike Pollard, Managing Director

Mike Pollard

Mike Pollard,Managing Director.35 years with VJ Ray.

Way back in 1962, in a one-room office in Campsie, VJ Ray started its journey in the Sydney real estate scene.

Today, over 55 years later, the VJ Ray Team has 34 staff, all with just one goal, to help people.

VJ Ray is a family company that was started by Leon Pollard and is currently owned and operated by his son Mike Pollard.

The guiding principal behind the VJ Ray culture has been to maintain the original family company atmosphere that is so often lost as companies grow into corporate giants.

At VJ Ray we know that our job is much more that just looking after buildings, its about caring for and helping the people that own, work or live in those buildings. It's the people that matter.

That's why our mission statement is so simple.

We Help People.

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