10 Reasons Why We Are The Best

1. Low Fees

Low fees are important to everyone. At V J Ray we believe we offer some of the lowest fees in the industry. Contact us and compare our fees with what you are paying now.  You will be glad you did!!

2. Predictable Fees

Its one thing to have low fees, but in a strata situation they also need to be predictable. When you are running on a fixed budget you need to be able to confidently predict what your fees will be, otherwise the chance of special levies is increased. By having no "hidden" charges our fees are easy for you to predict.

3. Fast Response Times

One of the main reasons for appointing a strata manager is to get things done for your property.  Its no good having a manager if it takes forever to get anything done. At V J Ray we make sure we deal with your requests FAST!

4. Personal Service

V J Ray is a family company that has grown its customer base on the personal service we can offer our customers. We know what customer service used to be like 50 years ago, and we are still offering it today.

5. Easy Contact

It's no good having a manager you cant talk to. At V J Ray there is no message bank or voice mail to hide behind. If you call us you will get to talk to people not machines.  And you will also have your manager's mobile number, and the General Managers mobile number too!

6. Easy To Read Reports

We have designed our reports to be as easy to read as possible, so that non-technical people can understand where the money is being spent. And every owner gets a report, every 3 months.

7. After Hours Emergency Service

As we all know, emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times, especially after hours. At V J Ray if you have a problem after hours there is always someone available to take the call from our staff, not just a tradesman's message service. More often than not it will be Mike Pollard our General Manager who will take the call.

8. No Long Term Contracts

At V J Ray we work to keep our customers happy so they want to stay with us, so we have no need to lock you in to a 3 or 5 year contract like some managers. You can change any time with just 1 month's notice.

9. Flexible Payment Options

Everyone has different needs in a strata building, so at V J Ray we offer a range of payment options that will suit everyone. Payments can be made in person at any Post Office, by telephone or over the internet, using Bpay, cheque or credit card.

10. Help

Help is the most important service for any strata manager. At V J Ray that's exactly what we are here to do, HELP you with any problem you may have with your property, whether its big or small.